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The Embroidered Closet, now available!

The Embroidered Closet presents the inexpensive craft of embroidery and uses it to show readers just how fun embellishing your own clothing can be. Expect to learn not just about tools, techniques, stitches, and project designs, but also how to pick fabrics that work best for you and your wardrobe, how to source and thrift your clothing, and how to mend and prevent wear and tear. Stratkotter will inspire you to expand your options and test out your own embroidered creations. Whether you’re interested in personalizing your clothing, upgrading wardrobe staples, or seeking to enhance your skill set, Stratkotter’s stylish and classic designs offer something for everyone.

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The Face Behind F&F

Alexandra Stratkotter (she/her) is the creative mind behind Florals and Floss.
Alex hand-stitches botanical art on hoops and clothing, creates embroidery products such as patterns, kits, and needleminders, and she teaches embroidery workshops. She recently wrote her first book The Embroidered Closet, which hits bookstores Nov 15, 2022.
Alex lives in Edmonton, AB with her husband, two kids, and cats. When she’s not stitching, you’ll find her drinking coffee, buying houseplants, and listening to Broadway soundtracks.

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